Create a Temporary Team for Testing the Online Composition & FPS System

You can test the new online Composition & FPS system by entering the names below for up to four students who will be participating.

For FPS, a temporary team will be generated with passwords to share the linked document. Each cell will have the character limits as a running total. For the Action Plan in Step 6, there are 2 pages with character limits.

For Comp, enter student names to generate a password unique to each student. These documents will remain open until the students submit the booklets.

Countdown Timers and Character Counts are available in each cell when typed.

When a booklet is submitted, it will be emailed to the Coach Email provided below and the test booklet will be deleted.
Coach Name:
Coach Email:

Student Name: {{TestTeam.Student1Password}}
Student Name: {{TestTeam.Student2Password}}
Student Name: {{TestTeam.Student3Password}}
Student Name: {{TestTeam.Student4Password}}

Elementary 6G/JV/MG/HS

Composition Future Problem Solving